On Grand Mothers (& Fathers)

by Kristin.

A mother's love is an awesome thing.

Little did I know I would be even more awestruck when I received the blessing of seeing my mother's love--so often doted on myself--spill onto my unsuspecting son. I wish my mom lived closer, my parents just R.U.N.N.O.F.T. doubly far away, and we miss them. But we still feel their love in the toys that fill Job's collection and the constant vibrations of my cellphone demanding more pictures of their eldest grandson.

The most recent weekend Adam's parents & siblings came to see us was one I remember with utmost joy. Watching Job play with and giggle at his grandparents plus recieving help with finishing our decks and our dishes and a half dozen other things around the house needing to be done plus sharing quality time with some of our favorite people created an atmosphere of love such as the following pictures can only hint. I love the love that surrounds me amidst this multi-generational family. I knew and felt this love before Job, but I seem to feel it so much deeper now.